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Eileen Konieczny RN

Eileen Konieczny has over 20 years of nursing experience specializing in oncology. As a healthcare provider, Eileen has witnessed her patients struggle with a host of side effects associated with their treatment protocols which “greatly reduce their quality of life”. Her hospital nursing career runs the gamut, high-dose chemotherapy with peripheral stem cell and/or bone marrow transplant rescue, palliative chemotherapy regimens, comfort care, research as well as over-night House Supervisor of a 68-bed acute care hospital.

Advocating for patients, seeing the whole person, not just an illness or a disease that needs to be treated, is what a nurse does best. Since 2008 Eileen has been an outspoken advocate for the use of medical cannabis as a complimentary medicine to combat disease and illnesses. She is President-elect of the American Cannabis Nurses Association. She played an integral role in the passage of medical cannabis legislation in Connecticut and New York, securing safe access of medical cannabis for over 23 million people. She worked as Executive Director of the Connecticut Cannabis Business Alliance, a trade association created for the industry by the industry to promote Education, Best Practices and Industry Standards as well as founding a company that successfully won a license for the cultivation and production of medical cannabis in Connecticut.

Eileen is Co-Founder, Lead Strategist and Director of Patient Services & Community Outreach of Valley Agriceuticals, a New York based vertically-integrated medical cannabis company whose mission is to optimize the quality of life of our patients by utilizing cannabinoid therapeutics.

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