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The Children's Environmental Health Center of the Hudson Valley is dedicated to protecting children against environmental threats.

The program raises the awareness of children, families, schools, communities, and government of the importance of minimizing the exposure of children to environmental toxins and pollutants, and the serious adverse health effects that may result from such exposures.

The program's team includes nationally recognized, multidisciplinary specialists in children's environmental health from the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at Westchester Medical Center, New York Medical College's School of Health Sciences and Practice, and other similar research institutions.

The researchers, statisticians, physicians, nurses, social workers, and epidemiologists in environmental health, from these and other non profit institutions, conduct public research on environmental hazards for children, offer seminars for schools and community organizations, and disseminate current scientific information, primarily in New York's Westchester County, and surrounding regions.

The Children's Environmental Health Center of the Hudson Valley specializes in advanced multidisciplinary research on the health effects of children's exposure to environmental toxins and pollutants. It makes its findings from scientific studies available to the public and the scientific community on a not for profit basis, and helps disseminate the latest research and clinical treatment developments in the field.

The program provides educational and clinical resources to parents, educators, and health care professionals for children with suspected or known exposures to environmental toxins and other environmental health issues effecting children. It provides seminars for schools and community organizations and provides the public with cutting edge information about toxic substances and children's health. It offers medical educational programs explaining the latest scientific information and research on environmental threats to children for physicians, fellows, residents and medical students.

The Children's Environmental Health Center of the Hudson Valley is funded by grants from the New York State Department of Health, the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation, and the Westchester Community Foundation.

For more info. on the Children's Environmental Health Center of the Hudson Valley visit www.ChildrensEnvironment.org.

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